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Woke Up This Morning And…

I woke up this morning and went back to sleep. I don’t have an alarm clock. My body always wakes me up. I tell myself I need to be up at 6 o’clock and right at 5:58 I’ll be up. So this morning I woke up at 8 which I always do now. But this morning I couldn’t seem to get up. I wasn’t feeling like it, so I didn’t. Though, my mind wasn’t going to let me sleep either. I’ve got so much on my mind lately. This week really packed on the amount of things I’ve got going on. I’m taking a break now from writing my business plan all morning. I’ll probably stop writing the business plan to start working on my newest story. For some reason I am tired now and my back is hurting… life is really hitting me right now. Though, I am really happy about this business plan, my new book, and everything that’s happening. Rolling with life right now.

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What My Dreams Do For Me

Here In My Dreams – Kid Cudi

I love dreaming. Whether it’s day dreaming or sleeping. I love dreaming. Many people tell me that you shouldn’t waste all your time in bed. I don’t waste time while I am in bed. I get a good nine hours of rest, but it’s what happens during my rest period that is so great. My dreams are the most vivid. My dreams are mini movies that are so great I never want to wake up from. My friends and family that hear my dreams are always asking Can I switch dreams with you? I wouldn’t switch dreams with anyone. Having a mind that gives me movies makes me have creative energy to write books with. Many of my stories have started out as a part of my dream. Then, when I am actually writing out my stories in my head I see them as the movies that they are. Sometimes when I am writing and I don’t know where to go next I close my eyes and play options over in my mind. It’s a wonderful thing I’d never want to get rid of.

What does your mind do for you?

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