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Open Letter To The Bronocs

Dear Broncos,

I started watching you when Tebow was a sensation and now I watch you even more because you have Peyton Manning.

Tebow isn’t a very good quarterback, but you still managed to win games. Manning is an amazing quarterback and you aren’t taking advantage of this.

Instead you continue to play like you have Tebow as the quarterback. You’re defense and offense don’t come to play until the fourth quarter. Everyone

thought that Tebow was magical because of his fourth quarter comebacks. When in reality, Tebow and his Broncos didn’t start playing hard until

the fourth quarter. I start to see this with them right now with Peyton. It sucks to see a team not give all it’s got when they have such a big opportunity

with Peyton. During the game Sportscenter tweeted that Peyton Manning was struggling. This made me so mad. Peyton wasn’t struggling. He was doing

everything the great P Manning does, but the defense and offense were half into the game. They weren’t all there. After the game Peyton said he didn’t think there

was a speech that you give during halftime to get that kind of fourth quarter comeback. He said that it was more will. I think Peyton sees that this defense and offense start

putting their hearts into the game when it is on the line. They make games extremely hard to watch and as a fan of Peyton I always feel bad for him. He’s such a great QB

and yet his team doesn’t want to rise with him and be great also. To the Broncos, I hope you take this to heart and try to come out as a team that plays the full game.



Ellie Grace






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Super Bowl Ring or Hall Of Fame?

If you haven’t heard LaDainian Tomlinson retired this year before what would be his 12th year in the NFL. He’s still a young guy, only 33. He’s been in the NFL for 11 season. There’s no question that he’s an amazing player, but he hasn’t won a ring. Some believe that without a super bowl ring your career is a fail. Tomlinson has said he is happier with being in the Hall of Fame than being a super bowl champ. As someone that always pushes myself to be the best at whatever I’m doing, I would be happy to be in the Hall of Fame too. Winning the super bowl is a team thing. When it comes down to it there aren’t many people that will remember individual players, but when Sportscenter brings ups sats about you. What you’ve done will always be there and you’ll be remembered individual. There’s no I in team, I know. I think Tomlinson would have loved a super bowl win. What football player would hate that? None. But I think he should be happy with he has achieved.

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Feeling bad for RG3

ESPN has confirmed a billion times that Luck will be going to the COLTS. That’s wonderful for him. I see the Colts with open arms taking him and working with him to be an amazing QB. The management with the Colts always takes a QB and makes him feel like family. We saw that with Peyton Manning (even though they let him go like that)

With the Redskins I don’t see it being that easy to welcome someone in. The Redskinz have had talented QBs in their program before. McNabb even said on Sportscenter that he didn’t think that RG3 should go to the Skinz. I really don’t think it’s the players that makes them suck. It’s the coaching and management. The QBs have a chain around their necks. If they don’t make the right plays or do what they want them to, they are taken out. It’s not the way a QB should be treated. I really hope that RG3 is able to get in there and break through the stiffness. He’s such a great guy and he has a great spirit and I wouldn’t want the skinz to ruin him.

I wish him luck and I really hope that he makes the skinz a winning team.

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Hannah Storm is not Swankee

Last night I was watching ESPN. I watch ESPN all the time. I watch it every day. I’ve seen recently that ESPN has hired more female anchors and I applaud that. The one thing I don’t like is that ESPN lets the ladies come on with some questionable garments. Yes, ESPN is mostly a male show, but sportscenter is losing class. We shouldn’t have women on their with short skirts and high boots… I’m sorry, but that’s something that a REPORTER shouldn’t be wearing. That’s not business attire. You never seen men wearing shirts with their buttons all the way down to show their chest. Women have a lot of different ways to wear business attire and ESPN should look at dressing these women more classy. I just hate watching these interviews such as the Hannah Storm interview with Tebow. Hannah is crossed legged in a short dress sitting far back in her chair…. wayyyy too much leg. I just don’t like watching when I’m sitting next to a guy that’s drooling. The whole interview is lost because Hannah is dressed unclassy. I’m not going to say she was dressed slutty or anything like that, but she didn’t have the proper attire on.

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