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The Sane Passion

Writing is what I do. It’s what I love. It’s what I am good at. I could do this in my sleep if my brain allowed me to. Even though when I was little I never saw writing in my future. I had the imagination when I was little, but I was horrible at writing. I grew up challenged with learning disabilities. I was writing letters and numbers backwards.  I could talk about my ideas just fine, but writing them down was very hard. My brain couldn’t figure out how things were spelled and I would skip whole words in a sentence without realizing it till my teacher would read what I wrote back to me. Through years of special classes my writing, my imagination, and my brain finally started to work together. To me it’s so crazy how much the special classes helped me. Writing started to become this disease to me. I get ideas from everything and my mind is always thinking about writing. My mind is like a never stopping movie theater. I have so many movies I need to show to the world, but it’s difficult to show off your writing. Most people don’t like reading, so I have to figure a way to hook them. I can hook then, but I have to get them into my door before they pick up a book. Musicians can easily record and produce music. You press play and you listen nothing more to it. With writing people sometimes say they don’t have time to read all of it, or they get distracted. Reading is something that is usually a one task type thing. You can’t clean your room and read a book unless it’s a book on tape. But I don’t have that technology. With every post on this blog I try to hook people into seeing what I am all about because I won’t quit my writing. It will take some time to become known, but I will achieve if I believe.

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