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Oh, boy!

I WANT TO BE A GIRLY GIRL TOO! Maybe it’s the pink nail polish on my finger nails or pink lip gloss I am wearing on my lips. I don’t know why, but today I wanted to talk about boys! *turns on Boys by Britney Spears*

I am really too busy with my writing to deal with certain types of guys. I’m rather mature for my age, so dealing with guys that don’t understand my drive to be successful is hard. If I’ll be wasting time I don’t want any part of it. Don’t worry I believe everyone deserve a chance.

Lately guys have been real annoying though. I can’t deal with immaturity, or jealously. I want to have fun, but I don’t want to feel like I am with a high schooler.

I like classy guys. They act real nonchalant and understanding. They don’t play games, they say how they feel and I know what I am getting into. Honestly is really everything. I love creative minds, energetic personalities, and hopefully their fashionable. My standards really don’t seem that high, but there’s not that many guys that are down to earth around.

I feel like I just have my ad for eharmony. This is so corny and cheesy, but I wanted to talk about boys, so  I talked about boys. Hope you enjoyed this!

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