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Fried Gator!

Fried Gator… nothing uber special about fried gator because most of the southern world as had fried gator or heard of having gator. To me, a northerner, who loves watching Swamp People having gator was an experience I would pay big bucks for. Now, I’ve heard that gator tasted just like fried chicken and it did. Though, I can’t be sure if these people just gave me chicken or they actually gave me gator. Biting into the meat I couldn’t really see exactly what it looked like. I know that’s wrong to just put something in my mouth because someone says it’s gator and believing them, but whatever. The gator could have been cooked in fresher grease. I think the seasoning was too strong for me to be able to taste the meat the way I’d like to. I think what I really need to do is have fresh cooked gator after someone has just caught it. Don’t kill me for loving meat, Peta! (: I put the smiley face to make everything better. Hope it worked. I look forward to eating gator another time.


Stay Classy, Ellie Grace

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