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I’m In Texas!


I’m here in Texas this month enjoying everything that Texas has to offer. I was confused about Texas even as I made my first journey from the airport to the house I am currently staying in. There seems to be one giant highway that goes down the middle of Dallas. Then, there are sub counties or smaller towns. I’ve been all over the small little towns. I was in Little Elm, The Colony, Frisco, and more that I can’t remember the name of. The one thing that has been a big theme of my trip here is to try the food. Since I’m from Northern Virginia a lot of these fast food places aren’t familiar to me. Every time I tell someone I haven’t been to a certain place they look at me shocked as if my whole life has been a lie or a waste. It’s not that I’ve been under a rock it’s that the 13 original colonies have no room to build anything else because every piece of land is historic! Anyways, there’s a pretty blue sky with no clouds in sight and the sun is calling my name!


Ellie Grace

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