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Now Playing: Back by Miller Rowe

Now Playing: Back by Miller Rowe

OHMY! I came across the link to the promotional video for Miller Rowe’s single ‘Back’. If I said this was something less than a musical gem I would be so wrong. Residing in London, Miller Rowe has worked in music for the last two years. Rowe has done everything from producing to songwriting for some big names in the music industry, but now he is working under his own label, Tripleseven Music for his debut album.

‘Back’ is about a guy who fell in love and then he messed up, but now he wants the love back. Rowe’s voice is so sweet. His voice just touches your heart and you fall in a trance with how soft and perfect it is. He has an R&B vibe. I can’t compare the sound of his voice to anyone else, but the emotion you feel from a voice like his is like old school Usher. You know, how the voice sets a tone that draws you in and then the lyrics flow out and you fell like the lyrics are about you. As I listened to this song I felt like I had a lover somewhere that I wanted back. Everything is so perfect and I feel like this song could go to the radio today and be a hit. This makes me excited for the album and whatever he has coming next.

check out the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujBnaPmhCaQ&hd=1

follow him on twitter: @theMillerRowe

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