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Fried Poptart!

Did I just see heaven land on earth? I think I did. Fried Poptart was another creation that I had at 10 o’clock in the morning. The same man that gave me fried salsa gave me a fried Poptart as well. Although you cannot see it because of all the whip cream there is a smores Poptart underneath it. I’m definitely not a whip cream person, but because it’s a creation and I have to try everything as it is I had the whip cream too and OMG! Totally had a party in my mouth. I had a feeling that fried Poptart would be overly sweet and the whip cream, sprinkles, and chocolate syrup would definitely give me heart trouble on the spot, but it didn’t. It was unusually calm in the sweet department. I can never look at a Poptart the same way. Every time I see a Poptart I feel like it has so much more potential. I will probably end up trying to cook this one in the future. Pray that I don’t burn down the house!

Stay Tasty, Ellie Grace!

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