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Mercedes Promotes Sleeping While Driving

If you watch TV and you don’t skip through the commercials you’ve probably seen the newest Mercedes commercial. This commercial has people admitting to falling asleep at the wheel and how if it hadn’t been for their Mercedes and it’s gadgets they probably would have died or caused an accident. I’ve heard people say that this is amazing technology and it’s almost the same idea as having a breathalyzer engine start. I understand it’s amazing technology, I understand that it’s a good idea for those people that can’t realize how sleepy they are, but are you actually buying this car for that device? If you are, I don’t even want to be on the road with you.

As a person that has gotten to an accident because the lady behind me was falling asleep I can’t stand this. People will start to believe that they can relax, sit back, and cruise because their car will put them back on the road. You’re cruising in your car late at night, music blasting because you’re tired you drift off the road and your Mercedes puts you back on the road. Back on the road, a place you don’t need to be. What your Mercedes needs to do is shut off and convert into a bed because no matter what gadget you are tired. Just because you’re back on the road and wake again for a minute doesn’t mean you’ll be awake for the rest of your drive.

I also know that somewhere in the future we’ll probably not even need to drive our cars. Everything will be programmed into the vehicle. All of the cars will communicate with each other and less accidents will happen, but I think till then we’ve got to promote safe driving and safe drivers. You’re sending that text you drift off the road, hit someone, but your Mercedes gadget didn’t save you in time. Who would be at fault? Your car for not saving you or you for not doing the one thing you should be doing which is paying attention to the road?

It’s just something to think about. I love Mercedes Benz. I hope to own one in the future, so they still have a customer in me, but I will not be supporting their newest gadget.

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