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Best Instagram For Writers

Helloooo to all my writers,

I have an instagram that is for writing. It features writing prompts daily
as well as I do book shout outs by request. I don’t know if it’s the best
Instagram for writers, but it’s a pretty good one to get you thinking.

FOLLOW THE IG: @writingprompts !



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First Step in Planning Your Book: Part 1

The first step for me when I’m planning my book is to write a summary. Short or long I write a summary of everything that the story is.

My example idea is: A city girl comes to the country.  That’s a simple idea.

Example summary: A city girl comes to the country because her parents believe that she must spend time with her grandma

who she hasn’t since her in over ten years. She believes that it’s going to be bore until she realizes that her grandma talks to spirits

and fairies. Her grandma gives her an assignment to help a boy fairy spirit. She doesn’t want to do it and the boy doesn’t want her help.

She continues to try because it’s something do to. Ends up helping the boy and changing both of their lives.

For me. I came up with that idea right now and for some people you’ve already got that idea, but maybe you can’t summarize the whole story yet because

you can figure out what happens in the end or maybe the middle. These are the questions I ask myself while I write my story.

Who is the main character?

What does the main character do?

where does the story take place?

what is the thing that sets this story different from any other story?

What journey do I want the main character to go on?

what gives this story the wow factor?

Is there any important cast of characters around the main character?

Where do I see the main character at in the end of the book?

Once you can answer these questions you can form a summary around your idea. One question that I always ask myself is, where is the wow factor? My example of a city girl going to the farm is a very simple idea that is almost boring. Many movies have these stuck up characters go to the country where they are still stuck up. People might say I’ve heard that story before what’s different about it. I don’t see boundaries when I write, so the wow factor could be far out like she discovers aliens or as simple as a Native American tribe showing her how they live.  You see this with vampire books. Since Twilight there has been a surge of dark vampire books. There’s vampire academies, black vampires, vampires taking over, zombie vampires, teenage vampires, vampires in high school etc. Each book as something that makes it different and pop.

Along with the summary you should include any notes about the story you have. Whether it’s how many friends the main character has, names of characters, specific events that you want to happen or key phrases you want a character to say.  I usually make character list, so that I know and can list any details about them. It makes it easy for you to go back and tell what the character is, so you don’t lose yourself. This is very helpful if you plan to introduce a lot of characters throughout the book.

Wrap up.

Write your idea. Write the summary of the whole story. List other notes about the story.


& IF there’s any questions or you need any extra help leave me a comment!


Ellie Grace



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Book Writing is Simple

Book writing is simple. Writing books for me is easy. Everything and everyone is inspiring. I really feel like I could come up with a story plot about almost any topic thrown at me. My process is planning then writing. It can take about 7 days to plan the story and then within the next week I can be finished writing a 300 page novel. It’s really easy for me to do and when I explain this to other people they are in awe. They say I wish I could do that and I really want to write a book, but…   I want to figure out what the ‘but’ is and how I can help people write their books.

So, if you have a problem or something that you always get stuck on tell me. I’m willing to respond to any questions you’ve got.

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Self Publishing Friends

My last post I wrote talks about self publishing and how I believe in self publishing, but I need more self publishing friends. I’m 20 years old and I’m on my tenth book. I’ve been doing this for about two years now, but I don’t know everything. Self publishing you are totally on your own. I love this, but then again I don’t. I have questions and I’m constantly googling self publishing blogs to see what they do and if I’m doing the same things. Trying to get tips from authors and writers everywhere, but sometimes I just need a friend.

to my self publishing people out there! LET’S BE FRIENDS!
Let’s work together. Let me talk about your books on my blog and on my twitter. Let’s get through this together!


Ellie Grace





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