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Checking Social Sites

In high school social sites were the bomb. You’re always checking them and getting updates from them. Changing layouts and updating friends on every move you made and feeling you had. But I am not in high school anymore and I don’t need social sites like I did before. I don’t like to check in with friends on facebook, I don’t like to update statuses on facebook, I do like posting pictures, but communicating through facebook never really happens, but the weird thing is that I am drawn to facebook.

I think this happens to a lot of people, so many you’ll feel the same as I do. I wanted to check my email. In the website bar instead of typing gmail.com I typed facebook.com. Then, before I could do anything I had pressed enter and was back at facebook. Then, I was checking my mail everything was cool. I wanted to go to twitter and I typed in facebook.com AGAIN! Then, I wanted to check my yahoo account and I got to yahoo, but was distracted by all their top stories that I forgot what I was there for and so my fingers returned to Facebook.com. Mind you that nothing on facebook ever changes when it’s less than 10 clock in the morning. So, I am seeing the same faces, the same statuses. It’s crazy. Maybe some big event is going to happen on facebook and my mind is trying not to miss it?

I finally stopped trying to check any websites and came here where it’s safe.

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