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Control What You Can

I love talking to people. I love supporting people. And a lot of these people that come to me are stressed about all the complicated things going on in their lives. No one stops to think and process all of the things they really can control. Most people like to have control over their lives. When a person doesn’t have things under control they stress. Though, some people don’t notice that you can only stress so much. You’ve got to write all the stressful things down and see what you can do to change or fix those things. There are some things that are really not in your hands like applying to a college, or job. Things like that are in other people’s hands. If you’ve tried your best, you said everything you could then you just have to wait and see. Also, if you’ve messed up you can’t go back and change what you did. You can only improve now and try harder the next time you apply. It’s certainly not the end of the world if you don’t get accepted, but it can feel that way. There are options. Most times with certain outcomes there are options which again you might want to think about before you jump into something. Other times people stress about issues that can be dealt with. You’ve got a problem with a friend, you’ve got relationship issues, you don’t like the way you appear. Problems with friends and relationships are always going to be there. Sometimes you’ve got to measure out how much this person means to you before you go canceling them from your life. Deep breathes are always helpful when dealing with friends and family. Because you do, or you did care about these people.  Maybe you’ve got trouble with how you appear eat differently, work out when you can and the issue is solved. Controlling what you can when you can. Write a list so you can see all the of the things that are on your mind. One by one see is this a right now fix or a later down the road or are there ways that you can make it less stressful now before you explode.

Just breathe because everything will work out. (:

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