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Winner at London Book Festival!

HOW COULD I FORGET TO TELL YOU THAT I’VE RECEIVED AN AWARD AT THE LONDON BOOK FESTIVAL? Everyone I have won my first award at the London Book Festival. I’m not huge on entering contest, but I finally entered three of my books into the contest for the London Book Festival. I won an honorable mention in the teenage category for “The High School Stories”. Very exciting and an excellent way to start off my new year. It’s time for me to get things moving. I have been out of school two years and I have to start getting EXTREMELY serious about selling my books and having people recognize my name. support if you can!

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Sorry So Late!

Well, I said that I would update this everyday, but things got hectic. I should not have made a big promise during the winter holiday. I apologize. So, my new book will hopefully be out later this month. It’s a series. I’m currently working on the THIRD book in the series. My editor has the FIRST book in the series. This book is guaranteed not to disappoint.

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